RELEASE 3 (MARCH 11, 1996)

The information in this file is based on the following publication:

Straley,  G.B.,  R.L. Taylor & G.W. Douglas. 1985. The rare vascular plants
      of British Columbia. Syllogeus (Ottawa) No. 59: 1-165.

The text of this publication was transferred to a  computer  data  base  by
Robert  D.  Scheer, B.C. Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks, Southern
Interior Region, Kamloops. I have been using Bob Scheer's file on  my  com-
puter,  and  in  some  instances  I have made minor changes; therefore, you
should consult the original publication if you want to use the  information
and quote Straley et al. as a source.

The CONSERVATION DATA CENTRE vascular plant tracking lists (RED and BLUE as
of February 29, 1996,  YELLOW as of January 28, 1994)  were  added  to  the
file and listed in the field called "BC CDC status."

The tracking lists  change continuously  due to new  data acquisitions from
herbaria and field work. Please request an updated version from the Conser-
vation  Data Centre  (CDC) if your present list is more than a month out of 
date and your work warrants it.

The species that are included in Straley et al., but not listed in the  CDC
list have "CDC-not-listed" in the CDC status field. Those listed in the CDC
list,  but not included in Straley et al. had "not-included" in the BC rare
status field.

I added a field with SYNONYMS for those taxa that  have  been  known  under
different names.  In order to facilitate searches,  I included  some ortho-
graphic variants (e.g. Carex hystericina vs. C. hystricina).

If you find any errors or if you have any comments about this list,  please
contact  me. I would like to thank Gerald Straley for his permission to use
this list on the gopher, and to George Douglas  for  providing Conservation
Data Centre status ratings.

Adolf Ceska

Rare Plant List